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Norrskin Premium Reusable Cotton pads won 2 Awards in Nordics 2022 and are nominated to European Natural Awards 2023

Try our Premium Reusable Cotton Pads 100% natural

Our Natural Cotton Pads will change the way you think about removing make up!

Norrskin natural material from ecological bamboo and organic cotton is dedicated for the most sensitive skins.

Is is very soft, it is not coloured and doesn’t hold any polyester or plastic derivatives. It has ‘ECO 1st CLASS’ certificate as well as ‘Safe for Baby’ certificate.

Buy ONCE reuse MORE than 100 times. This is how long our Premium Reusable Cotton Pads will serve you!

Let’s talk numbers! Did you know that…

  • PER YEAR average woman uses from 1500 to 3000 cotton pads
  • PER YEAR 87 mln of cotton pads are thrown away to garbage
  • To produce 1kg of cotton, it is used from 20 000 to 29 000l of water

We invite you to use ONLY 10 reusable 100% natural cotton pads per year.

We sell them in 2 pack, 4 pack and 10 pack

  • 2 pack – great to try and fall in love
  • 4 pack – refill
  • 10 pack – FULL YEAR  set – all you need for 365 days

Our Reusable Cotton Pads are very soft and are perfect not only for adults but also for whole family, including babies under 3 weeks!

(5 customer reviews)

Free worldwide shipping on all orders over 90€

  • We ship within 48h
  • We plant 1 Tree for every product sold


All skin types including sensitive and irritated skin.
From newborn to an adult. This material is the most soft you will find!


Washing face, removing make up, cleaning sensitive skin (also for infants)


100 % natural (this is absolute 0 plastic product)
80% Bamboo
20% Organic Cotton

100% natural reusable cotton pads

What you will get:

  • 2, 4 or 10 Norrskin Reusable Pads – (10 pack FULL YEAR set – all you need for 365 days)
  • Cotton washing bag (to wash your pads in washing mashine and to hang them in your bathroom )
  • Cotton pads come with string to easily hang them
  • Beautiful Box from recycled paper to store your stock pads

We will plant 1 tree (we plant 1 tree for every product sold)

Norrskin experience & Quality

If you have already tried our products, you know that when it comes to safety and quality we open new horizons, so therefore:


Our Product is 100% natural (0 plastic within the product and packaging) 

It has 4 certificates:

  • Oeko-Tex First Class (ecological certification for textiles)
  • Safe for Children’ Certified 
  • Human Friendly’ Certified 
  • Natural Certified 


  • smart design with pocket for your fingers
  • Natural non-impregnated non-coloured material
  • all elements of this product are 100% recyclable
  • ONLY FSC certified paper chain
100% natural reusable cotton pads


Reusable Pads – 100% Natural:

  • 80% Bamboo
  • 20% Organic cotton

Washing Bags – 100% natural: 

  • Bag – 100% cotton
  • String – 100% cotton

We are offering the most Premium Reusable Pads for sensitive skin this Earth could find. Trust us! You will fell in love from first touch.

Our material is dedicated for all skin types and ages. That is right! Those, can be reusable make up remover pads, but those can be so MUCH MORE!


It is a whole family set, where your smallest members can use it without any concern. So you can replace wet tissues and cotton pads with our product. We have your back, Mother Earth!

This product has 3 lifes



You, your skin and Norrskin Pads

You can use our Premium Reusable Pads more than 100 times for your or your baby skin and then after it loses its shape, you can give it a new life and grab new pair of our soft friends



Cleaning flowers, shoes, keyboard, phone, sink you name it! Possibilities are endless here and still our pads will be so happy to serve you!



You got it right! They are 100% recyclable so you can recycle them as a textile and make one big smile for the Planet.



Additional information


2 pc – Try and fall in love, 4 pc – Perfect for refill, 10 pc – FULL YEAR set! All you need for 365 days!

5 reviews for Premium Reusable Cotton Pads 100% natural – Norrskin

  1. Susanne .

    Jag är inte van att sminka mig, men brukar tvätta av ansiktet bara så där. Nu när jag fick chansen att prova pads vart de mycket lättare och, känslan är att jag blir renare i ansiktet. Att jag sedan kan använda dem flera ggr gör det bara bättre med tanke på miljön.

  2. Sofia

    Bästa köpet jag gjort.
    Har alltid tyckt det är så tråkigt och jobbigt att ta bort sminket på kvällen när man är trött. Men det går faktiskt fortare och lättare med en sån här pad.
    Rekommenderar dom varmt!
    För dig själv och för miljön.

  3. Sandra Z

    Fantastiskt smarta pads måste jag säga.
    Att ta bort sminket och sen tvätta ur för hand eller slänga in i tvättmaskinen och återanvända dessa pads istället för bomullsrondeller som är så sjukt dåligt för miljön och dåligt att spola ner i toaletten. Fantastiskt bra lösning till sminkborttagningen. ALLA borde använda detta ur miljösynpunkt. Så sköna och smidiga och spar på både på miljön och plånboken. Love it!

  4. Karo

    Mycket mjuka och skonsamma.

  5. Elin

    Har aldrig använt återanvändbara pads förut. Känns så bra att slippa använda engångsprodukter. De är dessutom mjuka och skonsamma mot huden.

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